Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Super Hero Day

Today was International Walk to School Day and our school
showed their spirit by dressing as super heroes.
oct 10 002  oct 10 028
oct 10 032  oct 10 037  oct 10 039
A few super heroes showed up at StrongStart.
We added to our costumes at the art table.
oct 10 004  oct 10 041

Then we got together with our grade 7 buddies.
oct 10 058 (2)  oct 10 077
We sang some songs, listened to a story, walked around the gym
and sang Ring Around the Rosie together.
oct 10 065
This was our second visit with our big buddies.
The response from the grown ups that attend StrongStart is very positive.
They are impressed with the patience and enthusiasm the grade 7s show.
oct 3 071  I’m impressed too.

Earlier this week I went to their class and showed them how to make super hero masks and talked about how their little buddy might react about putting something on their face.
The first thing I noticed was that the class was welcoming, attentive and polite.
                     oct 3 076
But what stuck out the most was how they worked together.
        oct 3 072
Sharing equipment and helping each other.
Plus getting into the spirit of the activity.
           oct 3 075
At the end of this morning we saw our buddies again during the school’s
Dance walk.
oct 10 124 oct 10 122
The whole school participated and it was a bit overwhelming.
But seeing someone bigger, that they recognized, made it feel a little less threatening.