Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gingerbread Playhouse

This month we built a play house.
dec 2 003 dec 2 005
            dec 2 016
     We spent a morning painting it brown like gingerbread.
  dec 2 028 dec 2 034
                 And the roof white like snowy frosting.
 dec 2 039 dec 3 026
As soon as it was put together the children were in it, then out again.
                 dec 3 046
The next day we painted candy stripes for decorations and used
               our sticky lights around the edges.
dec 4 006 dec 4 022
The next day we added cupcake liners to the roof that looked like
                                 candy decorations.
               dec 4 036
Toddler aged children are enjoying this play house the most. 
              Probably because of the size. 
       It’s a narrow box so not much room inside.

dec 4 084 dec 4 088
At the art table we have a hole punch shaped like a snowflake. 
It’s a fairly easy punch for the children to use and they use it a lot.
 dec 4 089 dec 4 092
     So we made lots of snowflakes to hang from the eaves and
                          on the side of the house.
Our gingerbread playhouse is a welcoming sight in the middle of our room.
                          “Come in and play!”