Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Storytelling for Older Children

Our local libraries approached our storytelling group asking if there would be anyone interested in being a guest storyteller during the summer reading program. 
 I said yes.

The age group is 5 – 9 year olds, older than I’m use to. 

The theme of the the reading club is Strange, but True.
So I started searching for stories and found a great resource of audio stories called “Scary Stories” by Alvin Schwartz. A lot of the stories are quite scary for this age group but I did find four that I was comfortable telling and kind of fit in with the theme.

I do one session today then another at a different library on Monday.
But I`ll have a fellow storyteller with me for that one.
I`ll let you know how it went.
Here are the stories…
“There’s Room For One More”
 "Cemetery Soup"
"Cold As Clay"