Monday, June 5, 2017

Chicks Hatching

A week ago Sunday was the due date for our eggs to begin hatching.
We had 42 eggs in our incubator.
And they started hatching right on schedule.
On Sunday nine chicks hatched.
I was able to watch a couple come out.
Monday morning we arrived to fine fifteen more had hatched during the night.
What an exciting sight.
We moved them into a brooding bin under a heat lamp.
After they dried we took turns holding them.
How wonderful to watch the children be very gentle and caring
and oh so curious.
Fourteen eggs remained in the incubator.
Would they hatch?
Later in the morning, Clea the farmer/teacher that gave us the eggs, visited
and improved the brooding bin making it more comfortable.
A couple more eggs began to hatch but they were having difficulties
so Clea 'zippered' them, which means she helped them hatch.
Throughout the week more families visited and had a chance to visit
and get to know the chicks.
Even our big buddies came in for a visit.
We will take them to the farm soon.