Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

 I brought a sensory table to use at the twins' house.
 Today I filled it with pom poms.  Big, medium and small as well as foam snowflakes and little snowmen. 
 The older little one had a chance to play with it while the twins were napping.
 When the twins woke up the play changed.
While the older one was busy picking one at a time and transferring it to a container
the little ones was focused on emptying the tub.
And putting them in their mouths.
 I realized I had to change it up to make it safer.
That afternoon we read the book by Lois Ehlert called Snowballs
and the tub now held only big and medium pom poms. 
The little ones still pulled each pom pom out of the tub and often tasting them but I didn't have to worry about choking.
I was amazed to watch her lift the tub out of the table and then dump the pom poms onto her own head.
She eventually figured out how to stand up inside of the table and push it around like a homemade walker.