Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Vet Clinic

For the past two months we have been playing with animals in our dramatic play area.
First it was a pet store, you can visit the post here.
Then we switched it to a Veterinarian Clinic.
 We look after wild animals as well as domestic.
After touring a vet clinic,
where we learned about x-rays, bones, bandaging and more,
we headed back to school to play and discover.
Bandaids are always a hit with children.
I saw this great idea  at Storytime Katie and
just had to make them.
 Bandaids made from felt.
I added velcro to a few, hoping that they would stick to the stuffies 
a bit better but it didn't help.
They were still a lot of fun.

Making x-rays was a learning experience for us all.
I never expected it to turn out this way.
This is how it started with x-rays copied from google images on to transparency film.
 Then we discovered we could draw our own.
Although this little boy was determined to draw guts.
So we quickly talked about the difference between an x-ray and
an ultrasound.
By the end of this week our window was filling up with x-rays
from different animals.
This is our reception/lab note prep area.
I have my daughter's old laptop that still has Word.
It was a hit so we needed to bring another note taking 
machine out.
I love hearing the question "What is it?" about old technology.
Plus the stories that the parents and grandparents tell of their experiences
using a typewriter.