Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piggies in the Bath and Blankets

Well this isn’t art in the way that you have a finished product but it is art in regards to colour mixing and using different tools (scrub brush and toy pigs).
Most of the children weren’t keen on getting their hands dirty so I moved the wash tub right up to the art table.  It allowed easy movement back and forth from the tub to the table.  Turned out that the piggies preferred to be clean.

Meanwhile at the snack table…
                   we made Pigs in a Blanket.
We used Pillsbury weiner wraps and hot dogs but I cut them much smaller.  It was interesting to watch that most of the children tried to roll the dough towards them rather then away.
           One can of 6 wraps made 24 piggies in a blanket.
We talked a little about that the weiners are made of pork that comes from pigs.