Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sticky Easel

I popped over to Pink Stripey Socks awhile back and was inspired by a craft they
                  did.  It was simple; add yarn to faces for hair. 
           jan 30 003
Instead of doing it as a craft I set it up on the easel with sticky paper.  The
sticky paper is mac tac and it’s facing out so the yarn will stick to it but can be
                             peeled off again and again.
 feb 4 053 feb 4 054
           I used the lower easel so the toddlers could reach it.
        jan 30 057
It gave us an opportunity to talk about hair.  About different colours, where it
              grows on different faces and is all hair straight.
feb 4 059 jan 31 045
                       Each day the faces looked different.