Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Backlog Of Play Trays

It’s been a while since I posted about our play trays so here is a bunch
that we have been playing with this past month.
     dec 5 004
Straw stars that I photocopied for matching.
     dec 6 006
For some families these stars brought back memories from
their childhood.

     dec 5 021
Old fashioned clothespins decorated as toy soldiers,
they were able to straddle them on the wire basket by colour.

IMG_1666 IMG_1665
Gingerbread house toy for sorting shapes and matching to the correct hole.

      nov 26 001
A magnet was added to the bottom of the car then a magnet wand
is placed underneath the box. 
I saw this idea on someone’s blog but can’t find the link,
if it’s yours please let me know.
IMG_1667 IMG_1668
We discovered that the box was a bit too small so…
IMG_1669 IMG_1673
we created a bigger one.

dec 6 004  dec 11 010
Star shape ice cube tray, gold stars and little tongs.

     dec 10 001
Boxes to stack on top of each other or inside one another.
dec 11 004 dec 10 023
With a little surprise in the smallest tin.

   dec 10 002
I saw this idea of matching an object to it’s shape on several blogs like,
De Tout Et De Rien and Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.
  dec 11 001
This would work with many, many things.  I’ll be using it again.

    dec 17 007
Clipping coloured clothespins to the same coloured light bulb.
      dec 18 026
The cards I printed from several years ago.

dec 17 008 dec 17 026
Santa suit pieces to match together.
     dec 19 014
But then I noticed one of the children using our coloured clothespin
to dress so I pulled out these old fashion clothespins to use. 
I even saw a mother use them as a finger puppet to entertain her toddler.  

     dec 17 009
And finally, a star sorting activity.
      dec 18 009