Friday, November 23, 2012

Traffic Lights

nov 23 006 nov 23 010
We made traffic lights at the snack and the art tables this morning.

nov 23 001 nov 23 007
For the traffic light snack we used rectangle biscuits, cream cheese,
red and green grapes and yellow peppers.

nov 23 020 nov 23 024
nov 23 023 nov 23 031
Easy to build and delicious to eat.
But what is it about peppers that children are not even interested in trying?
They are sweet and crunchy and brightly coloured.  Luckily I didn't use red,
green and yellow peppers like I first planned.

nov 23 032 nov 23 033
nov 23 038 nov 23 029
I wasn`t sure how this art would work out.
Would they trace the cups and paint with the qtips, like pointillism art.
Well they worked it out.
They painted the bottom of the cups then pressed it on the paper – perfect!