Monday, February 22, 2016

Airport Renovations

Our airport has been up and running a couple of days and a few changes were made.
The last I posted I was concerned how well the x-ray machine
would stay on the rollers.
How could it be attached?
 The more I thought about it (that night) the more I worried that by placing the box in the middle
it would hinder the play and possibly encourage a child to climb inside.
The next morning I tried something new.
I found two different bins to place the end of the roller conveyor on, 
one for each end.
The yellow box in the middle is for support in case it falls off,
it won't hit the floor.
The box at one end is big enough for the x-ray box to sit on, giving the suitcase a 
long run, and allowing the children to walk beside it.
(Although it didn't stop one child from climbing inside)

At the other end of the rollers
I placed an old bathroom scale for weighing.
Above it is a digital clock that we pretend
are the scale numbers.

The check in counter now contains tickets, baggage tags, and rubber stamp.

Set to go 
Ticket bought, baggage tagged.
Send it over to security.
Into the x-ray machine.

Next we build our airplane.