Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our New Buddies

Each year we have new buddies.  Last year's buddies have graduated and moved on to high school.  This year we are matched up with a grade 6/7 class.  We’ve had three meetings so far.  
   oc t24 001 oc t24 008
For our first get together we invited the buddies to come and play in our room.  It gave them an opportunity to see what the little buddies are interested in and to help them remember what it was like to be a preschooler.
 oc t24 012  oc t24 015
     After introducing themselves to each other they found a place to play.

             nov 7 039
                         nov 7 103
The second time we met was in the multi-purpose room.  It has no toys and allowed the children to focus on each other.
                  nov 7 042
Our task was to trace each other’s hands.  This activity helped us notice some of our similarities and differences.

nov 14 054 nov 14 055
               nov 14 058
Today we made gingerbread cookies, as the beginning of our annual creation.  This activity helped us learn a bit more about how to work together.

   oc t24 016 nov 14 011
An important part of our time together is to share stories.  Our big buddies read to the little buddies.
                       oct 24 042
       oct 24 055
Our big buddies are enthusiastic in singing our songs and to listen to stories. They are great role models for the little buddies.
         nov 7 070
Our time together is special.  It is creating bonds that are developing and becoming stronger on each visit.  Children that begin shy are making connections and opening up. The older buddies are learning empathy, showing kindness and patience.  The grown ups are learning more about pre-teens and how they can interact genuinely with their children.