Friday, June 14, 2013

We All Play in a Yellow Submarine

june 11 053
With just a couple of weeks left of school we weren’t quite ready to
put our bus away.  So instead we changed it to a submarine to fit into
our ocean theme.
 june 10 092 june 10 098
We wrapped the whole bus with white paper and started to paint.
june 10 013  june 10 017
I took one pool noodle and cut it in half lengthwise and secured it
under the paper. 
june 13 037  june 13 043
     june 13 001
It holds the blue fabric that represents the water.
june 11 009 june 11 025
We hung blue and green streamers for seaweed and water. 
The children like to run around the submarine feeling the
streamers with their hands pretending to swim.
june 12 067 june 12 068 june 13 016
So we brought out goggles and a diving mask.
june 13 030  june 14 009
The submarine is decorated with fish that we made at the art table.
june 11 041 june 11 040 
A parent brought in an asian pear wrapper and we hung it on
one of the windows.  It looks like bubbles.
june 12 131 june 13 056 june 13 057
Each day the children explore, expand and exchange ideas for the submarine.