Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gingerbread Man StoryWalk

              Today, with our big buddies, we went on a StoryWalk in the school.
While we were in the gym the grade 5s set up the storywalk of the Gingerbread Man
                                      then came and got us.
                  The children walked from page to page reading the story. 
The buddies have learned to get down on their little buddies level.  They are becoming great models for reading; pointing at the pictures and emphasizing certain words or phrases.
They are exhibiting interest in their little buddy and showing comfort when needed.  This group of boys were interesting to watch as they moved through the story.  One of the older boys brought toy cars with him which he explained he would hand to his little buddy if he needed something to play with.  I was impressed that he was thinking and planning ahead.
It was amazing that with over 50 children and adults wondering through the hallway reading the story that they were so quiet, calm and respectful of the other classes.
The children collected the characters in the story as they were introduced to them.  This helped keep the youngest children interested in moving on to the next page.
                         We ended our time together colouring the pictures.
The little buddies took the baggie of character pictures home so they can retell the
                                               story with their families.