Friday, January 30, 2015

Exploring Shadows

For the past month we have been exploring light and dark, black and white
                This led us to using light to create shadows.
The children recognize the light, and everything between the object and the light, but finding the shadow that lays on the table behind the object is very difficult. 
As the children played with the items on the table they created a spot light which
                  prompted me to get out our crank flashlights.
The only dark place, in our room to use the flashlights, was under the table.
                 Turned out the children liked the little hide away.
                    I decided to give them something to search for.
        I printed pictures of a bunny, cow, dinosaur, eagle and letters A-F.
As we were discovering the pictures and letters, this child noticed that B goes with bunny.  Together we matched the rest of the letters to pictures but noticed that two letters didn’t have pictures to match.
A and F were missing pictures.  When asked what starts with A (ah) she thought and said "apple".  I encouraged her to draw a picture to add under the table.
Then we worked on the letter F and decided to draw a frog but she said she didn’t
                              know how to draw it so I volunteered.

                    For a few days I left this message on top of the table.
                       More children discovered the pictures and letters.                    
                     It’s wonderful learning when the unplanned happens!