Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Return of Our Runaway Gingerbread Men

Our Runaway Gingerbread cookies have returned.
It has been a very fun project, receiving emails, post cards and letters from around the world telling us stories of what our Gingerbread men have been doing and seeing.
Our favourite letter arrived in the middle of this week from Santa Claus himself (in Canada you can write to Santa at the North Pole HOH OHO and you'll get a response and ours include a hand written message).
The letter told us not to worry but that one of the Gingerbread Men arrived at his workshop to help the elves make toys for our the girls and boys.
On Wednesday we built a gingerbread house. The idea came from the story "The Gingerbread Baby" by Jan Brett. Thursday morning it was still empty but Friday morning our last day of school before our two week break it was full of gingerbread men.
The decorating began at once.

One child was quite concerned that her cookie would runaway again and was full of "What ifs?"
1. What if he tries to runaway on our way home? Well you can carry him in a ziplock bag.
2. What if it can break a hole in the bag? The plastic is pretty tough, I doubt he could do it
3. What if when we get home and open the bag then have to go out and he follows out? Keep the bag closed at all times.
4. What if when I start to eat him he tries to runaway? (the child responded herself this time - "I'll eat his legs and he won't run!

But she ended up eating his head and he couldn't see!