Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Squishy Printing

Several years ago we tried non-messy cooperative painting and the families found
                 it very interesting so I decided to try it again.
         feb 11 001
Set up is easy – place paint between two sheets of plastic (I put a sheet of white paper under the plastic to make a solid background), seal the edges and let them rub, pat, and schmoosch.
       feb 11 006 feb 11 007
     They are tentative in their approach, mostly starting with one finger. 
                      Touching the paint then looking at their finger.
                Sliding the paint around, beginning to mix the colours.
     feb 11 024 feb 11 033
Then the rest of the fingers join in the fun.  Kneading the paint as it gradually
                            glides between the plastic sheets. 
     feb 12 002 feb 12 003
It was easy to encourage the children to draw faces or begin to print the letters
                                                   in their names.
                                 feb 12 004
    This child printed her whole name and then erased it with a swipe of her hand.