Sunday, September 22, 2013

Educators Learn and Play

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but I have been busy, not just with work, but with co-planning and facilitating a conference for local educators in the early years.
     sept 21 035
It was a wonderful experience bringing many early childhood educators, and a few primary teachers, together for several hours to inspire and be inspired.sept 21 048  sept 21 036
Local Early Childhood Educators presented the topics Explore your Backyard, Social Media, Art, and Oral Storytelling.  We are privilege to have such talented peers in our community.
     sept 21 038  
Another ECEr provide an opportunity to chat about ‘loose parts on the playground’.  He brought a large variety of props he built and uses to encourage outdoor exploration.
        PicMonkey Collage
A variety of displays, including documentations, invitations and posters, were available around the school to provoke conversations.
        sept 21 043
Bringing this conference together, with my friend Jackie, was an honour to give back to our learning community.  To have the opportunity to bring us together in a field that is often difficult to do filled me with very positive energy.