Monday, April 1, 2019

New House Blocks

I was shopping on line looking for animal toys when I saw little wooden houses that I thought, 
"Hm, Raymond could make these and I could paint them".
 I also painted peg dolls to match the colour of the houses.
 Day 1 - I set the farm mat on the floor with the box holding the houses and dolls.
 They took their time pulling them out and exploring them.
 Once they set them down I placed them around the mat.

 Day 2 - I set the box in the middle of the floor.
I think the most fun, for them, is emptying the box.
 Once the box was empty I placed them in a circle with each peg doll in front.  By this time two of the peg dolls had gone missing.  Their mom eventually found them, a few days later, in their clothes hamper.
 They discovered that they can be knocked over with a bang.  Which the one standing loves because she is a thrower.
 I helped them stack the blocks but they discovered putting the dolls on top themselves.
 At clean up time I placed them all in a row under the tv stand so they were available to play with any time.

 That afternoon they explored a box of small blocks that were given to their mom.
They go well with our house blocks and peg dolls.