Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Marble Painting with a Toddler

Here is our first time using marbles with the Little One for painting.
You may be familiar with marble painting but I'll take you through the steps.
Cut a sheet of paper to fit your tray, any shape and size of tray, although keep in mind your little one's capabilities. 
 Since she is under two I chose a small pan.
Pick a marble and dip it in paint.
Normally I would have little pots with paint and a spoon to scoop the marble out but I didn't have any  pots available.
Put your painted marble onto the paper 
pick up the tray and try to roll the marble around.
She put several marbles in at one time and I showed her how to roll it back and forth as well as shaking the tray.
After each roll and shake she would dip the marble and put it back in.
I think her favourite part was dipping the marbles into the paint.
We ended up completing three sheets which I think will work great for a greeting card.