Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book - Doggies

Sandra Boynton is one of our favourite children's authors at the moment.
"Doggies" is one of my granddaughter's go-to books because she loves dogs.

To enhance the book I gathered ten toy dogs and one cat to set up as a play invitation.
My son in-law introduced the toy dogs with the book.
They decided which dogs would make which kind of bark.
If you haven't read the book then each dog has a distinctive bark
from woof to yip to n-n-n and more.
She loved all the dogs and playing with her dad.
Another day we moved them back into the bin with other props
and the play ideas grew.
It has been a fun way to introduce counting, size and build her vocabulary,
such as; big, little, long legs, running, sitting, same, different, etc.