Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Record Player Art

I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been three years since we used the record player at the art table.  I’m not sure why because it attracts  the children that are the least likely to chose the art table to explore.  That was reinforced again today.
                    jan 28 035
It’s mostly boys that I’m talking about.  Boys that are always on the move
           and don’t like to sit and do but prefer to be up and go.

     jan 28 032 jan 28 033
            There were little brothers wanting to not to be left out.
Reaching in to be sure he got his turn even though he could barely see over
                                       the record player.

 jan 28 036 jan 28 037
  We added a stool to make it easier to reach and to see what was happening.

  jan 28 052 jan 28 054
              They enjoyed every step; squeezing, watching it drip and
                jan 28 055
           then using different tools to move the paint and see it blend.

               jan 27 076
Occasionally you can still find a record player at the thrift stores but you could ask your families if anyone has one packed away that might like to donate.  We’ll leave it out again tomorrow and see who ventures over.