Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rainbow in a Jar

I was intrigued by this science project of making a rainbow in a jar
           that I found over at Sweet and Simple Things.
                         Ingredients needed:
Clear corn syrup, blue dish soap, water, cooking oil, rubbing alcohol
                        and food colouring.
Only a couple of children wanted to participate so they had lots of
               opportunity to pour each ingredient.
While adding the colouring to each ingredient we noticed it acted
       differently.  In the corn syrup it spread across the top.
                        In the water it sank and swirled.
    IMG_1538 IMG_1543
     As each ingredient was mixed we slowly poured it into the jar.
                          Our finished rainbow.
If you compare it to the rainbow on Sweet and Simple you’ll notice that our yellow rose to the top.  It could be because I substituted canola oil for olive
           oil (I was conscience of the price).
The next day our rainbow was sitting on the snack table.  Sometime during the morning someone had picked it up and shook it.  This is the results.  I wonder if
it will settle back into the layers.