Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glorius Goop

A couple of months ago my computer crashed and took all my photos and videos with it.  Fortunately I had most of them saved on my computer at work.  So now that I'm on holidays I have time to transfer them to my home computer.  It's been fun finding old videos that I haven't shared on this blog. 

Here is one about a child experiencing 'goop' in the sensory table. 

Goop is a simple recipe of cornstarch and water but it changes consistency as you play with it.  On impact it becomes a solid but when you let it go it changes back to a liquid.
This video is of a little girl, her mom and another child the same age. 

The mom is encouraging the child to try it and refers to the change as melting which her daughter picks up on and plays with that notion.

At one point her mom challenges her to think that the ball of goop she has made will not melt this time but the little girl is positive it will and when she is right she is delighted.

The child continues to explore the sensation of the goop on her skin by applying it to her arms.  At one point she quietly lets her mom know that she doesn't like it and mom is supportive by wiping it off for her.

I think what I really like about this video is that the child's excitement experimenting with the goop is the same that I had when I first was introduced to it some 30 years ago.