Friday, December 16, 2016

Fake Snow Play

Last week just before it started to snow we made fake snow.
We followed the recipe from Fun at Home with Kids
using baking soda and shampoo.
Three cups of baking soda to a quarter cup of shampoo
and a little water.
Both ingredients are very soft so the children loved squishing it together.
With a sprinkle or two of water it started to clump together.
We made snowballs
and even a snowman.

A side note:  I thought I had found an unscented shampoo but as the fake snow sat
overnight in the container, with the lid on, it became quite fragrant.
And I was surprised by the heat that came off of it when we opened the container
after sitting all night.
We could only keep it for a couple of days until the fragrance became too strong.

But by then we had real snow.