Monday, December 17, 2018

Roll a Dice and Decorate the Tree Game

I have been teaching Baby Sign Language classes to parents and educators this fall and I wanted a game that would include numbers and colours.
With Christmas happening soon I thought it would be fun to create a game that I could try with my grand daughter.
So that is how Roll a Rice and Decorate a Tree game came to be.
 The dice are made from small wooden cubes.
The tree is cardboard covered with felt.
And the lights (or leaves) are felt too.
The idea is to roll both dice, count the dots, decide on the colour rolled then add that many lights to the tree.
This is her first time using a die so she spent a lot of time figuring out how to maneuver it in her hands and drop it.
I tried encouraging her by rolling the die with dots while she rolled the one with colours.
In this game, I believe, are too many steps for her age.
I will try to create one where she can roll the die and then just match it to the colour.