Monday, November 4, 2013

Fairy Pumpkin Homes

   nov 1 018
Hallowe’en is over and we had a bunch of little pumpkins left over. 
   PicMonkey Collage
We decided to make them into fairy homes and take them to Fairy Lane.
nov 4 012 nov 4 029
As the children painted their pumpkins they thought about a message or
name to write on a sign post to place by their fairy home.

        nov 4 089 nov 4 087 
When we arrived at fairy lane we looked for our old doors and new ones
that other friends have left. Can you spot the one on the stump?

nov 4 036  nov 4 040
We picked our pumpkin and sign and started to look for a place to set them.
         PicMonkey Collage3
It took a few children time to find the perfect spot for their pumpkin.

If you go for a walk in Fairy Lane, look for the new homes and see if any
                       fairies have moved in.
                nov 4 084
nov 4 047 nov 4 048                                                  nov 4 054
nov 4 066 nov 4 071
nov 4 081 nov 4 093
                                             nov 4 078

This sign sums up the feeling we all enjoyed in the woods today.
nov 4 057