Friday, May 24, 2013

Paper Helicopters

                may 24 056
One of our families showed us how to make paper helicopters. 
They are easy to make using few materials.
       may 24 053
Use a small paper rectangle, fold it in half, open and then cut
in half to the fold.  These are the helicopter blades.
          may 24 056
Fold the blades in opposite direction of each other.
may 24 054 may 24 055  may 23 031
Now fold the corners of the other end in and attach a paper clip. 
This doesn’t have to be exact.

Time to make them fly.  
     may 24 057
Lift as high as you can and let go.  Watch it twirl to the ground.
may 24 038 may 24 037
We climbed to the top of the playground equipment and let them go.
Sometimes the wind would catch them and make them go farther.
may 24 049 may 24 050
We ran across the field and flew our helicopters over and over again.
Time flew by too as we easily spent an hour outside playing together.