Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time for Giving

There are many ways of letting children experience giving and doing for others at this time of year.  Our centre will be participating in several over the next month.

The first fundraiser is for an organization that supports families with sick children who need to go to the main land for medical care called "You Are Not Alone".
                     nov 22 030
Our local mall organizes a tree decorating fundraiser for Y.A.N.A.  For those that participate they buy one of the trees and completely decorate it.  Then it is sold in a silent auction with all proceeds going to YANA.

      We started a couple of weeks ago making ornaments.
         nov 12 086
               We painted silver balls with glitter glue.

nov 15 001 nov 15 010
               We painted pinecones.

      nov 14 001
 nov 14 003 nov 14 004
     Mackenzie, my ECE student made salt dough to make
                     shaped ornaments.

And lastly we made crystal ornaments that I called Sparks.
nov 8 022 nov 8 023
nov 12 081 nov 13 035
They were very easy to make.  Shape pipe cleaners and then soak in a mixture of 3 tablespoons of Borax and one cup hot water overnight.

  nov 22 001 nov 22 002 nov 22 008
                    Friday we decorated.
   The children did an enthusiastic job hanging the ornaments
                       and candy canes.
      nov 22 005 nov 22 031
One last addition to our tree was to add books and stuffed animals.
Children went through their toys and donated them.

    nov 22 014  nov 22 016 
         nov 22 019
We spent a little time admiring the other trees that were decorated.  All the trees will be sold through a silent auction.