Sunday, September 4, 2016

Setting Up

Every year my classroom looks different. 
It starts in June when I'm giving everything a thorough cleaning.  I'm thinking to myself what worked (with the set up), what didn't, what were the children interested in most, what area did I see that only girls were using, or mainly boys were using.
I don't know if you go through a similar thought process but it helps me look at the class fresh and answer the question "How best can I use this space?"
And I know the smaller spaces will change throughout the year but generally where I set the large furniture in September is where it will stay till June.

This is last year
This is this year.
Can you see the biggest difference I made?
I moved all the big shelves to the walls to open up the space.
I'm hoping to encourage the children to feel free to move materials between the areas.
There are more changes too but I'll get into those another time.
What do you think of the set up?  Does it look inviting?  Does it look open or cluttered?
Any suggestions?