Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Touch Scavenger Hunt - Part 1

It turned out to be a fantastic day to be outside.  The sun was warm
and welcoming.
             april 16 061
We went to Filberg Park for a scavenger hunt.  A touch scavenger hunt.  Encouraging the children to use descriptive words when touching items found in nature.
           april 16 088
I also wanted to encourage the use of the word “wonder”.   Hopefully leading the children to voice many other wonders. 
              april 16 037
In each nature bag was their clip board with the “I wonder” question on it with three photos of things to find around the park.  As well as crayons for recording.
                   april 16 038 
Once they found an item they were encouraged to touch it and think of a word to describe it.
april 16 091 april 16 093
They then recorded what they felt by drawing a picture or the grown up wrote the words.

My favourite observation was this little boy.  His picture was of a wooden face.  He found the sculpture and took his time looking at the photo and the sculpture. 
april 16 053 april 16 055 april 16 054
We asked him to find the nose, eyes and mouth on the wooden face and on his own face.  Even though he does not yet have much language this was a full and meaningful experience for him.

Some families mentioned that they come to visit this park quite often but had never noticed some of the things I had taken photos of.  By cropping the pictures to show only a portion of an item helped the families look more closely at the environment around them.