Wednesday, February 27, 2019

An Introduction to Play Dough

 Our oldest grand daughter really enjoys playing with play dough  so I decided to try it with the twins.
My worry with trying anything new with them is that they will put it in their mouths.
They are getting better at not mouthing everything but sometimes it's irresistible as you can see in the video, the little one is chewing.
It went better than I thought it would.
This will be an activity we can do more often.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What's in the Tub Tuesday?

Sensory shaker tins!
The girls were fascinated with the tins.
Picking up each one, looking in the window and shaking them.
The contents of the tins included; purple sand, oats, rice, pom poms, bells
red sequins and marbles.
Some made loud noises while others were quiet or no noise.
Some of them have magnets on the back so they could stick to the magnet board and easily knocked off.
The next day I put them on the floor.
The oldest started to stack them and the twins copied her.
One twin liked to build the tower while the other liked to knock it over.
This is a great sensory activity if you don't like messes or your little one is still putting things in their mouths.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Book Play - 10 in the Bed

Ten in the Bed is a counting book that we have been enjoying.
I painted peg dolls to match the animals in the book.
This offers objects that she can hold and move while we count.
She matched each animal peg doll to the picture in the book.
The cookie tin is the perfect size to store the book, peg dolls, blanket and pillow.
The bottom of the tin, when you flip it over, is covered with white foam.
The little one enjoyed standing them up then putting them to bed.
I imagine these peg dolls could move out to her barn for additional play.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Fun Out In the Snow

Last week was the first snowfall that the twins have gone outside to play.
 Luckily they have a good size patio at their place so we didn't have to go far.
 Opa shovelled as much snow as he could into the centre for them to climb on.
 I was a bit worried with the twins crawling through the snow that they might get cold
 but they lasted out there for half an hour.
We all had fun!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What's in the Tub, Tuesday?

Silk flower pelts filled the tub and they loved them.
 Did you hear the giggle of joy in the video?
 I so enjoyed watching them scoop the petals, lift them in the air and let them drop.
Their delight was infectious.
Of course they ended up on the floor.
At first I tried to discourage it but thought why?
 Now that they were on the floor it encouraged them to explore in a different way.
On all fours going under, in and around the table.
I also put little pink and red rubber ducks in the tub and it took them a little while to find them.
The twins figured out, several weeks ago, how to take the white tub out of the table.
They like standing up in it and walking around.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Funny Fish

We have new a book about counting and animals that the oldest one really likes.
The last page has 10 funny fish.
I noticed that the fish had heart shapes for the fins and lips.
It inspired this craft.
The little one has been drawing for sometime and really enjoys it.
Today I showed her, hand over hand, how to make a circle.
She picked up on it fairly quickly and we ended up with 6 fish, 4 of them were her circles.
She was excited to use the glue stick to attach the hearts.
Great focus and concentration.