Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Little Treasures

                      july 2012 003
I found a new home business in Burnaby last week when I was attending a conference.

It’s called Little Treasures and they create ‘invitations’ in a kit.
“Discover how natural and real materials can be used
in creative ways for children.”
                       july 2012 008
I purchased three of their kits and could have bought more but finally took control of myself.

The kits are beautiful, attractive and I just wanted to get my hands on them.
                       july 2012 010
I believe in using real materials with children, it adds authenticity to their play.  Using natural materials, wood, bamboo, glass, etc.  lends to the sensory exploration in play. 

Plus it is aesthetically pleasing.

I can’t wait for them to have their website up and running.