Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fairy Doors

In a community close to us, fairy doors have been found on one
of the mountain biking trails. 
                                        Very exciting!
IMG_0834 IMG_0833
             The doors are about 3-6 inches tall. 
They are placed on the side of stumps, on short side trails off the main.

They inspired us to make fairies at school then take them out to look at the doors.
oct 4 001
We used little, old fashioned clothespins with seeds and cones I
found on my morning walk. 
We also used yarn, moss and old silk flowers.
oct 4 015
We used the glue gun to put them together.
They were ready to check out the doors.

oct 4 039  oct 4 038
It was a bit of a hike in to the start of the trail. 
Up some steep hills and around narrow trails.
oct 4 043  oct 4 046
Our fairies checked out the doors to see if they wanted to move in.
oct 4 056  oct 4 057
The trail led us to a bench with a view of the leaning tree.
oct 4 049 oct 4 051
                 oct 4 054

Since it’s a mountain bike trail there were a few jumps, like the Drop of Doom.
oct 4 084 oct 4 082 oct 4 086
It was a little steep so we opted to walk around.

I so like this walk, that I took my own family up there this past weekend.
IMG_0846  IMG_0847                   
 I'm sure that if he had a bike, he would have rode over the Drop of Doom.

My favourite door was this little red one with a lion’s head knocker.
               And I loved the handpainted signs.
Stay tuned for more of how else we’ve been playing with fairies.