Monday, January 13, 2014

Penguin Small Play

                         jan 10 025 
                  I set up a small world play about penguins.  
 jan 10 026 jan 13 005
  The big white blocks and the ice cubes light up and change colours.

  jan 13 006 jan 13 007
This child was quite interested in the penguins and wondered what they eat.  One of the books on display was able to give him the answer in pictures.  
   jan 13 008 jan 13 009
     Squid and fish.  I happen to have some in my storage room. 
                     I also brought out leopard seals.
 jan 13 011 jan 13 010
   Leopard seals eat penguins, and penguins eat the squid and fish.

          jan 13 030
  Oh oh the seals are after the penguins, where can they hide. 
The boy suggested we need an igloo, we’ll work on that tomorrow.