Friday, May 31, 2013

Snail Slime Painting

may-27-025_thumb3  may-27-026_thumb3
We cover the garden with mesh when we are playing somewhere else.
But on the mesh we’ve noticed that the snails slide, upside down and leave
a slimy trail behind.

What can we use that will leave a clear shiny trail like a snail?

may-29-015_thumb4  may-29-018_thumb3
                                 Corn syrup!
We bring one of the snails to the art table to see how it moves
                   and what it leaves behind. 
     It moved very slowly and changed directions,
                      so we did too.

   We returned the snail to his garden for lunch.
And I returned to clean up the wonderfully slimy art table.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bike at the Playground

 may 30 032
It's Bike to Work week and we had a fantastic turn out for our
             first Bike at the Playground event.
      may 30 030 may 30 038 may 30 040 may 30 034
At least 60 children came riding, pushing and scooting this morning.
may 30 028  may 30 033
They decorated their bikes with streamers, ribbons and balloons.
    may 30 052
may 30 048  may 30 049
Spent some time washing bikes, scrubbing right down to the tires.
 may 30 043 may 30 056
                     Ready to ride. 
We drew a figure 8 on the pavement and set up traffic signs
as a course for the children to follow.
      may 30 055
Or they made their own course, rearranging the obstacles
as they went.
may 30 084 may 30 045
Each child was encourage to print their name on a badge and
add it to the wall of fame for riding their bike today.
      may 30 039
                        Awesome day! 
              Worth repeating next year.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Snail Time

         may 27 017
may 10 090  IMG_7528
Every year we create a snail garden right from scratch.  Planting their food,
grass, lettuce and a few surprises from the compost.
may 15 016 may 16 002
Tending the garden is an important part of learning to care for others. 
Learning what they need and following through. 
may 27 004  may 27 011
Keeping the soil moist and making renovations to the grass when it
gets too long prepared us for the snails arrival.

     may 27 112
Combining art and the caring of the snails helps us look closer
at them. 
       may 27 029
What do they look like?  How can we replicate it?
may 29 042   may 29 044
Using lazy Susan turntables helped us learn about spirals. 
If we used our finger to follow the spiral on the snail's shell
we learn that it goes round and round.
     may 29 045
Holding our paint brush in the middle of the plate and
spinning the turn table helps us get a similar effect.
     may 29 072
And just like the snails each of our art work is unique.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love to Ride My Bike

         sidney bc001
This week is Bike to Work week and we will be hosting
a Bike at the Playground event on Thursday.
I've had a difficult time finding good, easy to sing bike
songs and each year I try a new one.
        bike cd
This year I learned a song I heard on Jamie Barnett’s
cd called Ride My Bike.
      may 21 039
I made magnet board pictures and added sign language
to the song.

Here is a video on me singing and signing the song.

 We love to ride our bikes, do you?
may 30 035  may 30 015
Do you have a song about bikes that you could share?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tree Rubbings

may 27 157  may 27 162
We went out into the woods again today to have a closer look at trees.
           may 27 106
may 27 107may 27 108may 27 109may 27 110may 27 111
We went prepared to do some rubbings. 
Each page in our books told us what to look for.
may 27 044  may 27 102
As they walked through the woods they touched every tree, connecting
with nature in a new way.
 may 27 070   may 27 073
Making comparisons to each others rubbings.  How are the leaves different?

Finding rubbings wasn’t the only thing we discovered.
may 27 048 may 27 172
            We found a fort to play in,
may 27 056 may 27 064
    lots of mushrooms poking through the ground,
may 27 086 may 27 104
a snail without it`s home and a tree perfect for climbing.
     may 27 177
    We found the oldest tree in this woods.
    may 27 081
  It took seven of us to measure around the tree.