Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love to Ride My Bike

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This week is Bike to Work week and we will be hosting
a Bike at the Playground event on Thursday.
I've had a difficult time finding good, easy to sing bike
songs and each year I try a new one.
        bike cd
This year I learned a song I heard on Jamie Barnett’s
cd called Ride My Bike.
      may 21 039
I made magnet board pictures and added sign language
to the song.

Here is a video on me singing and signing the song.

 We love to ride our bikes, do you?
may 30 035  may 30 015
Do you have a song about bikes that you could share?

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  1. We have had a bike day at our preschool. We invited the university police (I teach at a university early childhood development and research center) to come and talk with us about bike safety and street signs. To help pass the time while we were waiting for our turn I had my class sing about "The Wheels on my Bike" same tune as the Wheels on the Bus.
    We added:
    bell on my bike goes - ring, ring, ring
    horn on my bike goes - honk, honk, honk
    wheels go round and round
    brakes on my bike can help me stop, help me stop, help me stop
    you can add whatever verses you can think of
    Happy Singing,
    Cathy Bell - UCF Creative School for Children