Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Play Trays

oct 26 044
The first tray consisted of threading Halloween rings on to a
thick pipe cleaner.
Loved this idea when I saw it at ABC’s of Jess’s house.
oct 31 047 oct 31 069
The threading wasn’t the favourite part of this tray. 
It was pulling the rings apart and pushing them back together.

oct 26 045
The next tray had shiny Halloween coloured and shaped acrylic gems.
oct 31 022 oct 29 019
I created a sheet with patterns for them to match the pictures and
figure out what would come next.

oct 26 047
The next tray held Jack o’lantern size matching.
oct 29 034

And finally mirror cards.
oct 26 048
I didn’t create these cards,
 they were created by Elaine and shared in a Yahoo group
called Printable Place of Themes.
oct 30 001
The idea is for a child to use the mirror to complete the pictures.
It takes a different way of looking at a picture. 
It’s symmetry.

Hope you had a safe and happy Halloween.