Monday, April 10, 2017

Bunnies Visit

Our school speech therapist brought in her bunnies today.
We sat in a big circle and Ms Franklin explained the rules
to visiting with the bunnies to keep them safe.
She shared with us the food the rabbits like to eat.
She had hay, lettuce and carrots for us to explore.
Then Ms. Franklin let the bunnies out of their carrier.
Meet Bun Bun (grey) and Donut (white with brown markings).
The children were very excited but were very careful moving
close to the bunnies.
They really tried to encourage the bunnies to come close to them
by enticing them with food.
It worked some times. 
As the children watched and touched the bunnies they were hearing new language
from the grown ups around them.
Describing the bunnies: how they feel, how they move, what they eat.
It was a great opportunity to expand the children's vocabularies.
Then Donut hopped into his carrier and Bun Bun followed.
It was time for them to go.
Bye bye bunnies, thank you for visiting.
Thank you Ms. Franklin for sharing and teaching us.