Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

Here are a few highlights from our morning.
Shaving cream and little pumpkins.
Soft, smooth, slippery.
A old favourite, hammering golf tees into a pumpkin.
This year's favourite was this memory game.
Under each half cup was a little finger puppet.
They kept looking till they found the matching pair.
Lots of noises were made for each of the characters.
Count the pumpkin seeds.
Lentils, black beans and tiny insects to scoop.

At the end of our morning we joined the school for a Pumpkin Run.
We teamed up with our big buddies.
Centres were set up around the school yard and the groups had to run
one to another once they finished.
This centre they had to recite the poem
Five Little Pumpkins.
They played Over and Under by passing a pumpkin from person to person.
The first person passing it over their head then the next person
passing it under their legs.
We had to transfer all the 'pumpkins' (basketballs) from one bin
down the line to the other bin.
Like a fire brigade.
And the last one we did was to toss rings around the witches' hats.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Faces

I had a lot of pumpkin shapes left over from our Comparing Sizes with our big buddies.
So this week I set up an invitation to paint pumpkin faces.
The jack o'lanterns on the table were prompts to think
will my pumpkin be happy, sad, scary or?
While most of the children loved the painting,
 the toddlers wanted 
to explore the jack o'lanterns up close.
The first few faces that were painted were taped to our big
pumpkin in the middle of the table.
They started conversations about pumpkins at home,
where they got their pumpkins and if they have carved it yet.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween with our Grand Friends

This morning we shared some Halloween fun with our grand friends.
The children played with popping toys that were new and exciting 
and had the grand friends smiling.
We carved pumpkins.
Digging in to scoop out all those seeds.
Oh it was wet, cold and slimy.
I noticed that none of the grand friends wanted to get their hands in there.
We drew ideas for our Jack O'lantern faces.
Then carved them while the grand friends watched.
"This one is mine."

 Julia led us in music and songs.
We sang Head and Shoulders.
Betty showed us how to do it.
And we learned "My hat has 4 corners"
I surprised everyone by wearing my Minion Banana costume.
Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Water Beads and Googly Eyes

We played with water bead and googly eye soup last week.
 Small glass jars and child-size utensils offered opportunity 
to scoop and pour.
It was a challenge to catch the water beads as they
floated in the water.
The googly eyes were fun to catch.
They stuck to the side of the table and to each other.
This child was inspired to try them on
With mom's help she succeeded.
I took a picture for her to see herself.