Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkins In and Out of School

oct 11 080 oct 11 081
Shamrock Farm is a wonderful experience for the whole family. 
It not only has a pumpkin patch but each year Shannon and
her family create an atmosphere of excitement to lead us in to
oct 11 005 oct 11 007
The hay bale maze provided fun while we waited for all the families to arrive. 
Some of the children that came last year noticed that they could see over the bales now.
oct 11 008 oct 11 010
Then off to the field to pick our very own pumpkin to take home.
oct 11 014 oct 11 015
Most chose pumpkins with a great stem.  Easy to pick up and carry.
oct 11 073 oct 11 079
Back in the barn Shannon told us about the many different varieties that they have planted. 
There are 26 different kinds of pumpkins growing on their farm this year.
oct 11 042 oct 11 047
After packing our pumpkins away in the cars we were given chicken feed. 
I appreciate that Shamrock Farm is not just a pumpkin patch
but a farm experience.
oct 11 056 oct 11 069
We also got to feed the goats.
They were gentler than the chickens and the children were able to pet them.
oct 11 049
This little boy had no problem getting friendly with a chicken.

Back at school we set up our own pumpkin patch.
oct 10 009 oct 10 011
There were other autumn vegetables to harvest too, like onions, carrots,
gourds and more.
oct 10 023 oct 10 024
After harvesting their fruits and vegetables they took them to the market to pay. 
Looking at the first picture really makes me appreciate having the mixed age groups. 
Notice how the younger children are watching the older children.
Learning through play.
oct 10 111  oct 10 047
The children in the pictures above have been attending StrongStart for a couple of years and remember back to our last harvest market.  They slipped into their roles as shopper and vendor easily.  Knowing that using the cash register, receiving and giving back money are part of those roles.
oct 10 020
And finally, cleaning up the market before it is closed for the day.