Monday, May 30, 2011

Butterflies are Free

We had an amazing morning.
It was time to release our butterflies.
Mr. Douglas opened his beautiful flower garden and welcomed us in.
When we opened the butterfly habitat we expected the butterflies to fly out but they didn't.  I'm not sure if it's because they were born in captivity or because it was cold outside today.  So we gently coaxed them onto sticks and the children carried them to the flowers.

I enjoyed watching how gently and respectfully the children cared for their butterfly as they carried it.
Then Grandma Delores arrived with a plate of butterfly shaped cookies, yum.
Mr. Douglas also brought us stickers and butterfly booklets.
After thanking both Mr. Douglas and Grandma Delores and saying goodbye to the butterflies we went for a walk in the neighbouring park.

We found flowers and blew away the seeds.
Then found lots more flowers and dandelion fluff.
We enjoyed a picnic.
Then finished off our morning climbing on the big rock.
It was a great morning for being outside, even though the sun wasn't shining.