Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What’s Under the Log?

Our weekly walk in the forest was inspired by a book I found at the library.
            oct 29 038
After reading the book together we picked up our nature bags and headed
       into the forest to find a log that we could turn.
oct 29 016 oct 29 019
The first log we rolled didn’t have any bugs that we could see (the log
                looked like it had been moved recently).
          oct 29 022
      We did see a little mushroom and documented it.

        oct 29 023
      On to the next log we spotted fungus and a bug. 
oct 29 027 oct 29 040
              A wood bug just like we saw in the book.
     oct 29 028 oct 29 030
         oct 29 031 
  Using our magnifying glasses gave us a chance to get a better look. 
       The wood bug has a lot of legs but didn’t move very fast.

We turned a few rocks…
oct 29 035 oct 29 034
        oct 29 029
and found spiders.  A big spider and medium spider and little spider.