Friday, May 10, 2013


           may 8 063
Our caterpillars arrived this week and that began our talk
and investigation into the life cycle of the butterfly.
       may 10 002
may 9 033  may 9 023
We started by recording what the caterpillars look like in their new home.
        may 10 001

At the art table I pulled out the air dry modeling clay.
may 9 012  may 9 008
And we moulded caterpillars of different colours and size.
may 9 035 may 9 031
          may 9 010
I really enjoy this time of year with the beginning of new life. 
Raising butterflies is a quick way to look at a life cycle. 
      may 10 096
It also promotes wondering out loud. 
Asking questions to develop curiosity and helping us learn
more about our topic.
Stay tune to see what questions we'll ask.