Thursday, May 3, 2012

Snail Garden 2012

It's that time of year when we see and talk a lot about bugs.
What is the attraction for children?
Is it because bugs can be so small?
Or wiggly?
I'm not sure but many children that come to the program are interested.
Each year we build a garden for snails to live.
This week we started.
I have been inspired by many 'fairy' gardens I've seen on pinterest
so decided to ask the children to design the garden
instead of just planting grass.
We started with our container filled with potting soil.
(Yes there are a few plastic bugs in it.)
We brainstormed ideas of what could be in the garden,
 moss, etc.
Then today we put it together.
A bench for a chat with visitors, a moss bed, a pond surrounded with pretty glass stones 
and flat stones for easy sliding.
It also has toadstools and wooden boulders.
 But it needs grass.
We sprinkled wheat grass and lawn grass seeds all over.
 The bottle was empty by the time I returned.
Now we wait for the grass to grow.
Then invite a few snails to move in.