Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Donuts

Today we baked donuts.  Pumpkin donuts using my donut baker.
oct 15 029 oct 15 031
 oct 15 034 oct 15 036
         oct 15 038
After mixing all the ingredients I brought out the donut machine and showed an easy way to pipe the batter into the pan.  Use a ziplock bag and snip one of the corners then squeeze it out.
       oct 15 047
We wondered how many donuts could be cooked in this machine.
oct 15 039 oct 15 042
So we counted as I filled each spot.  7 donuts are baked at once.
                  oct 15 048
     It bakes them fairly fast, 6 minutes in total.
     oct 15 043
  We were all ready to give a pumpkin donut a try.
   oct 15 044
        The majority really enjoyed them. 
     I found the recipe at Blue Eyed Bakers.