Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll Egg Decorating

Last weekend I was at Dollarama and found large plastic eggs, the largest that I have ever seen. 
They open on the horizontal rather than the vertical so sit well on the table.  I also found little styrofoam eggs.  Put the two together and I thought we could decorate the eggs with these.

After opening the egg we spooned in paint.  At first we used pink, purple and yellow but found that it turned brown.

So took away the yellow for a nicer final look.

Add a styrofoam egg or a few. Put the lid on and start shaking.

We discovered that the styrofoam eggs were often to light to roll on their own.  They got stuck in the paint and wouldn't move.
Even turning the egg upside down didn't help.
Rolling it with our finger was messy and not as much fun.
We finally figured that something heavier needed to be in the egg to help the styrofoam egg move.  
We added marbles.
It worked!
And a bonus is the sound it makes.

It was a very popular art table today.