Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dental Visit

    feb 14 070
Two to three times a year the community dental hygienist
visits StrongStart.  This time before she arrived I set up
a mini dramatic play dental area.
feb 14 072  feb 14 073
Some of the props and posters I’ve had since college,
others I found at the dollar store and some like the plaster teeth
came from a kit I bought from Little Treasures.
feb 15 008 feb 15 023
Brenda, our hygienist, is very good at helping children become
comfortable before looking at their teeth.  She brings her own props,
like the dinosaur with the big teeth and big toothbrush.
feb 15 010  feb 15 029
She allows them to explore the props, to take the lead.
    feb 15 024
She doesn’t rush but uses the dinosaur to demonstrate what she
is going to do before trying it with the child.
feb 15 026
Brenda checked about 25 children on this visit and she never
rushed talking with the parents, grandparents and caregivers
about the care of the children’s teeth. 
She talked about healthy snacks; if eating sticky dried fruit
to provide sliced apples or carrots to help clean the teeth.
To provide water instead of juice when thirsty.
     feb 15 022
For each child she had a bag with a toothbrush, mirror
and flossing sticks to take home.
feb 15 012
              She makes us smile!
        Thanks Brenda for visiting.