Monday, October 22, 2012

Welcome to Fairy Lane

           oct 22 098
What a beautiful day to walk in the woods searching for fairy homes.

But let me take you back in time a bit.
I first posted about discovering fairy doors in a neighbouring community.
Then we created a fairy world in our classroom.
Leading us to create our own doors to place in a wooded area nearby.
                    oct 15 005
oct 11 093oct 11 095oct 11 099oct 15 038oct 15 039oct 15 066         

Then yesterday my husband and I took a walk in the woods.
Looking for the best places for fairy homes to reside.
IMG_0913 IMG_0906
We left arrows, made from sticks, and piles of pinecones marking
the spots
to look for the fairy doors.

Back to present time, this morning, the StrongStart families went
for a walk in the woods searching for their fairy doors. 
oct 22 093  oct 22 037
Searching for piles of pinecones to show us the way.
oct 22 038 oct 22 039 oct 22 040
Crossing a bridge to find the first fairy home tucked behind a tree.
The children continued searching for the doors along Fairy Lane.
When they found one they left housewarming presents.
Pinecones, leaves, glass jewels.
oct 22 046 IMG_0880
oct 22 047 IMG_0881
We had a few obstacles to tackle along the way.
oct 22 063 oct 22 087
But it didn’t slow us down.
oct 22 055 IMG_0889
oct 22 062 IMG_0901
We rang many door bells and knocked on many doors but no fairies were home.
      oct 22 056
When we found this door we met a slug that was just leaving the fairy home.
He told us no one was home and
pointed us on to the next door.
oct 22 077 IMG_0896
There are twelve fairy homes in Lerwick Woods and we decided to make
it easier to find by tying ribbon on branches close by.
oct 22 060 oct 22 065 oct 22 067
Before saying goodbye to Fairy Lane the children drew pictures
and wrote stories about their favourite door.
oct 22 079 oct 22 107

oct 22 080 oct 22 106
oct 22 082 oct 22 108
oct 22 100 oct 22 105
oct 22 089 oct 22 104
oct 22 099 oct 22 109
Goodbye Fairy Lane, we’ll tell our friends to come and visit.