Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Airport Control Tower

Last week the children arrived back from Spring Break to find an addition
                             to the ticket centre.
              An airport control tower was built inside.
IMG_1482 IMG_1637
                    Our room now had a train, a bus and
an airplane.  With all that possible traffic we needed a control centre.
IMG_2011 IMG_1810
A family had donated the old radio, which has lots of knobs to turn and a microphone.  I added the keyboard and light box. 
The light box is our pretend radar system – the pegs are the planes in the air.
  IMG_1814 IMG_2003
     Binoculars were a necessity for keeping an eye on the skies
because there have been lots of flights arriving and departing everyday.
IMG_1893 IMG_2134
A mix of passengers have flown here and there and hearing the safety talk by the attendant is important.  The children have demonstrated their knowledge of flying while playing.  Friday we are heading to the airport for a field trip where we’ll compare and learn more.

It has been exciting to be able use our big cardboard boxes in many ways.  First a castle then ticket centre and finally a control tower.  Are we done?